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Monday, 18 May 2015

yes, I speak my " lassi" and "puttu kadala " English.

Hey, you usurper,where have you hidden my language?
Having robbed me of my language milk,
why did you feed me with leftovers of your tongue?

vowels and consonants,
eaten with fork and spoon,
ill fitting my Indian palate;
gives me headache and cramps.

you took away that which was mine,
and made me swallow an English pill.
Now, I speak a tongue that is neither yours,nor mine.

yes, I speak my "lassi" and "puttu kadala" English.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

I saw a dilapidated house,,,

I saw a dilapidated house;
with veins throbbing full of life.
Rooms bent double with age.
And windows smiling
through toothless gums.

Sagging skin falling in folds, 

like a lady's satin done with care.
I touched them and shuddered.
A spasm of fear jostling my brain.

I saw a dilapidated house with rooms bent double with age ,,,

photo courtesy :-
Photographer Name : Dzung Viet Le

Monday, 15 December 2014

She stole her way from the sentence,
And meanings died.
Thoughts crumbled;
And her world fell apart.

I need your breeze,to fire my thoughts.
Moonlight charms and Winters kiss,
to set my thought world ablaze,,,

Monday, 8 December 2014

sponge away the margins,,,

Sponge away the margins.
wipe away all the letters.
Blue black green and red.
I am but, tired of them all.

Lend me a paper, blank.
Margin less and without lines.
Let me dream my words. 
Let them hang in the mid air.

Scale not my thoughts.
Weigh not my words. 
Let them run wild, 
Swim,fly and climb 
The trees of joyous dreams.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

In love with Death

He hath come,
to rob me off my senses.
Drown me he shall, in his seductive gaze.
I am already off my feet, 
unto the world of mystical illusions.
But the nightly enchanter flees,
as the morning caws .
Come hither, i beg thee.
take me upon thy wings,
into that illusory world of yours.
Spare me the pain.
let me wake into your dreams.
hail! oh prince of darkness,
drinker of souls,
empty this cup of woe unto thine lips divine.
kiss away my memories 
and dismantle my soul's earthly robes.
let not mine eyes see another morning nor night.
let it see nothing,
but thee. 
And feel none
but thee ,,,

Friday, 14 March 2014

A lake's tale

As their Iron claws dug deep into her womb,
An explosion of blood curdling screams pierced the sky.
Nettles and Scrubs became hapless martyrs,
while wandering romantic thoughts
shed many an idle tear.
Shelterless animals stared but helplessly,
their mute voices echoing in the rain.

They ripped her apart.
Tore her down.
And laughed wickedly as her Birds flew askew.
The saintly ecologist did nothing but stare,
he muttered a sermon and drove past fine.
Stripped naked and bare
She lay there a crumpled heap
Her eyes bleeding salty rivers of pain.